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(Fax)      847-678-3168
Nosko Manufacturing Incorporated is an established
company with a proven track record with over 40 years
of experience, in the manufacturing community.
Nosko has a broad range of capabilities in the areas of
CNC turning and milling. We have the capabilities of
working with a wide variety of materials, from
Aluminum, Magnesium, Tool steel Brass and Bronze,
as well as, Cold and Hot finished steel.
Nosko Mfg., machines a wide range of sizes from
1/16th to 8” inches in rounds, as well as, 1/16th to 36”
inches in flats.
Our promise to our customer is to diligently improve
our staff's knowledge through training, our quality
standards, our product and value through a continual
upgrade of our facility, equipment, and processes.
Our company provides an environment where the
necessary tools are readily available to our staff to
achieve that excellence. We are a strong team
comprised of talented, committed, and professional
individuals giving their fullest efforts in every aspect to
the customer and the company every day.
Our value is not only found in our competitive prices,
our superior quality, and service that truly makes the
difference, but also in our concept of providing
business enterprises with a one stop shop source and
soliciting long term business relationships.
Our pride in Nosko is evident and serves as a catalyst
to provide high standards that will keep Nosko a
leader in the industry.